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Good tools are half the battle. Are you totally influenced by people telling you that matcha is so healthy for you, and want to get started making matcha tea right away? Here we tell you all about the supplies you need to make matcha tea. Having the right accessories is almost as important when making matcha as the quality of the matcha powder you use. After all, this is how the matcha becomes the most delicious. 

Matcha kit set

To make matcha, it is important to have all the supplies that belong in a ceremonial matcha kit. Just like the Japanese, you brew matcha with a real ceremonial matcha set. Such a matcha set consists of a matcha whisk, matcha spoon, matcha holder and matcha bowl. If you have these accessories in your possession, you can brew the perfect matcha.

Matcha bowl

Are you looking for a nice matcha bowl for your matcha ritual? Because matcha tea can only be made in style. There are many types of matcha bowls. These bowls are made of ceramic, poselein or pottery. We sell different types of bowls in different colours, such as white, brown, blue, green and grey.

Matcha spoon

A matcha tea set should not lack a matcha spoon. This bamboo-made spoon always measures out the right amount of matcha. Our matcha spoons are all made by hand. In fact, they are cut from bamboo and then steamed and bent into the right shape. Thanks to this process, each spoon is unique. We offer two types of matcha spoons. Namely, the Bamboo Matcha Spoon and the Luxury Bamboo Matcha Spoon. The Luxe Bamboo Matcha Spoon has a more robust and luxurious look compared to the Bamboo Matcha Spoon.

Matcha whisk

Your matcha tea set is not complete without a matcha whisk. A matcha whisk also known as matcha whisk is necessary when making matcha tea. You use this whisk to mix the matcha with the water.

Contrary to what many people think, you can't just use a whisk to whisk the matcha. With a whisk, you will never be able to make a nice head of foam and the matcha will not mix well with the water. This, of course, is a waste. In fact, a foam head has an advantage. For one, a foam head retains more suspended particles that gradually fall down as you drink your matcha. As a result, the tea is more even when you drink it. Therefore, this matcha whisk is an essential part of your matcha tea set.

We offer two types of beaters, namely the Matcha Whisk Bamboo and the Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk. The Luxe beater has a robust look, so it fits nicely with the Luxe Bamboo Matcha Spoon for decoration in your home!

Matcha holder

Last but not least, the Matcha holder. If you are going for an aesthetic look and feel, a beautiful matcha holder cannot be missing from your ceremonial matcha set. This accessory ensures that you can keep your matcha beater in a safe place. This way, you protect your matcha beater from damage. The holder is specially designed with a cone-shaped design. This cone shape actually keeps the hairs of the beater in shape while drying. The matcha holders are available from us in white and green.

Buy matcha set

With us, it is possible to buy all accessories for your matcha set. We also offer matcha powder to make your matcha tea with. Can you really not wait to get started? If you buy your matcha tea set from us before 18:00, it will be delivered the next day!