Premium Matcha Lover

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Inhoud 50 grams
Trektijd 2 -3 minutes
Water temperatuur 75 ºC
Gram per servering 2,5 grams
Water hoeveelheid 300 milliliter

The true matcha lover can't get enough of the powder we also call the green gold!  Especially for our matcha lovers who like to discover new matcha varieties, we have this Premium Matcha Lovers bundle, featuring three of our premium matcha varieties.

Premium Matcha Lover Bundle

  • Ceremonial Matcha: What makes our Ceremonial Matcha so special is its accessibility. Although more affordable than traditional ceremonial grade, it remains a premium choice. This ceremonial matcha comes from the finest tea leaves, although the quality is slightly lower than that of the traditional ceremonial matcha grade.
  • Advanced Matcha: This advanced grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves grown organically on the shady hills of southeastern Japan. The bright green colour shows that this matcha is of the highest quality. A quality traditionally often used during Japanese tea ceremonies. The taste of this matcha is delicate and sweet with a subtle umami flavour.
  • Exceptional Matcha: Perfection in a cup is what you get when you choose this Exceptional Matcha, grown in the southern regions of Japan. These regions, or provinces, are known for growing the Tencha tea plant, whose youngest leaves from cultivation provide matcha of the highest quality. Soft and sweet in flavour, but with the recognisable and earthy umami undertones.

Each tin contains 30 grams of matcha.

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