How do you prepare matcha?

If you ask Japanese matcha lovers, they will say that preparing the perfect cup of matcha takes quite some time and care. Especially if you include the ceremonial aspect of preparing matcha.

So what is the best way to prepare matcha? Well, in the following way and with the following stuff!

This is what you need

  • Matcha bowl (chawan)
  • Matcha spoon (chashaku)
  • Matcha whisk (chasen)
  • Matcha powder
  • Sieve
  • Hot water (not boiling, about 70-80°C)

On videos on social media, you often see people whisking matcha with an electric stainless steel milk frother. Our advice is not to do this, as the metal can affect the flavour of your beautiful matcha while whisking! It's best to use a traditional bamboo whisk.

Matcha preparation

  1. Heat your water to 70-80°C. You can do this with a dedicated kettle with a temperature controller, or let your water cool in a cup for about 3-4 minutes after boiling.
  2. Warm the matcha bowl by pouring some hot water into it. Then pour away the water and dry the bowl carefully.
  3. Using the matcha spoon, scoop about 1 to 2 scoops of matcha powder per cup into a strainer. Exactly how much you use per cup actually also depends on your preference and the quality of your matcha. Above all, find your perfect balance.
  4. Sieve the matcha powder into the matcha bowl.
  5. Pour a small amount of hot water over the matcha. Don't use too much water, or the matcha will become too thin. We stick to around 60-70 ml per cup.
  6. Use the matcha whisk to mix the matcha and water until a nice layer of foam forms. Quickly move the whisk back and forth in a 'W' shaped motion until a fine foam forms.
  7. When you finally have a nice foam, your matcha is ready to drink.

Traditionally, matcha is drunk from the chawan, but of course you can always use a nice cup! It's best to prepare matcha by the cup.

Do you prefer to drink matcha in latte form? No problem! You can also very easily use this preparation as a matcha latte recipe. Then just as an extra step, froth up about 250ml of your preferred milk. Then pour in the whipped matcha and add a natural sweetener such as agave or honey or some vanilla extract if required!