Matcha acessories

Having the right accessories is almost as important when making Matcha as the quality of the tea you use. This is how the Matcha becomes the tastiest.

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Enjoying the most delicious matcha tea naturally starts with the tastiest high-quality matcha. We offer various types of matcha on Each of these matcha varieties is of high quality. But high quality matcha alone is not enough. You also need to prepare the matcha in the right way to enjoy your cup of matcha tea to the full. The way and the accessories you use when preparing matcha tea are important. That is why we offer you the best matcha accessories here at With these matcha accessories, you will ceremoniously brew the tastiest matcha tea.

Here you will find an overview of all the high-quality matcha accessories you need to make the tastiest matcha tea.

Matcha bowl

A matcha bowl, also known as the Chawan, is an indispensable accessory for making matcha tea. In the West, we mainly use the matcha bowl to prepare matcha tea in, but in Japan, they also drink matcha from these bowls.

The bowl is specially designed for mixing the matcha powder with the water. A traditional matcha bowl is made of ceramic and has a deep, wide shape. This allows you to mix the matcha powder well with the water and creates a frothy layer on the tea.

At, we offer different types of matcha bowls. We have a number of bowls made of porcelain. These matcha bowls have a traditional design. We have the matcha bowl made of porcelain in different colours, namely brown with gold, white with beige and dark blue. We also have matcha bowls made of ceramic. These are available in grey and white.

Matcha whisk

A matcha whisk, also known as whisk or Chasen, is a brush-like tool used to mix the matcha powder with the water. It is important to have a good matcha whisk as this creates the frothy layer on the tea. Traditional matcha whisks are made of bamboo and have dozens of fine bristles.

Only with a traditional matcha whisk will the matcha tea get a nice layer of foam. That foam layer on your matcha tea is quite crucial for the flavour. This is because matcha powder does not dissolve in hot water; it only mixes. That means if you leave your matcha tea for a while, chances are that floating matcha particles will sink to the bottom. A foam layer on your matcha tea holds these floating particles longer, allowing you to drink a more even cup of matcha tea. In addition, matcha tea with a foam layer is also simply much nicer and softer to drink.

At, we have two different matcha beaters. The Matcha Whisk Bamboo, a beater with about 130 bristles, which due to their unique shape create a fine light green foam layer on your delicious bowl of matcha. Because the more brush hairs, the frothier your matcha tea becomes.

Also, has the Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk. This whisk has about 70 bristles, which due to its unique shape create a fine light green foam on your delicious bowl of matcha. The beater is made of black bamboo, a high-quality material. The length of the whisk means it sits wonderfully in the hand and beats very easily.

Matcha Whisk Holder

A holder for your matcha whisk is an essential accessory if you want to keep your matcha whisk beautiful for as long as possible. The matcha whisk has a lot of influence on the quality of your matcha tea, so it is very important that the whisk stays beautiful for as long as possible. The beater stays of the highest quality for longer when you store it on a whisk holder. Our holders are made of high-quality ceramic and porcelain. They provide a safe and convenient place to store and dry your matcha whisk between uses. With its beautiful design and durability, the matcha whisk holder is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your matcha set. has two fantastically beautiful holders, the pretty green one made of porcelain and a luxurious matcha whisk holder white made of ceramic. Order your matcha whisk holder now and complete your Matcha tea experience!

Matcha spoon

A matcha spoon, also known as Chashaku, is a spoon specially designed to measure out the right amount of matcha powder. This is important because the ratio of matcha powder to water affects the taste of the tea. Traditional matcha spoons are made of bamboo and have an elongated, thin design.

We have two different types of matcha spoons. The Bamboo Matcha Spoon is made of high-quality bamboo. This spoon is hand-cut from bamboo and shaped with the help of steam. As a result, each spoon is unique and very strong.

The other matcha spoon in our range is the Luxury Bamboo Matcha Spoon. This spoon is made of black bamboo, making it a perfect addition to your beautiful matcha collection. This bamboo matcha spoon is also handmade and is unique.