Green Holder for Matcha Whisk

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This holder keeps your Matcha Whisk at its best.
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The matcha whisk is an important part of the Japanese tea ceremony. And just as important is the maintenance of the whisk, so that you can enjoy the perfect green layer of foam on your matcha time and time again. Delicious!

The matcha whisk holder is an important part of the storage of your whisk. Because that beautiful whisk deserves a beautiful holder too, right? And you just can't get enough of Matcha green? Then this green porcelain holder is the perfect match for your kitchen counter! And let’s be honest, just the holder itself is already a feast for the eyes.

The holder is specially designed for the standard Matcha Whisk and its conical design keeps the bristles of the whisk in shape while drying. Handy, huh?

The holder is made of porcelain. Note: this holder is only compatible with the standard matcha Whisk.

Please note! This product must be washed by hand and is not dishwasher safe.

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