Matcha powder

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On this page, you will read everything you need to know about matcha powder. After all, there are many different types of matcha powder. In addition, we help you distinguish good matcha powder from the lesser quality kind. We also give tips for delicious recipes made from matcha. 

Matcha powder

Matcha powder is made from green tea. To preserve all the vitamins and minerals as much as possible, the green tea leaves are ground into a powder. What's nice about matcha powder is that it doesn't need to steep like a tea blend consisting of tea leaves. The matcha powder mixes with the water and can be drunk as is. Matcha tea is only available in powder form.

Health benefits

A cup made with matcha powder is a lot healthier than green tea made with a tea blend consisting of whole tea leaves. The nutritional values of good quality matcha powder are equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. Matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of ordinary green tea. Antioxidants are healthy substances like vitamins E and C. These substances protect the DNA in your body. It combats skin ageing and can potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, nervous system damage and cancer. Matcha powder is therefore a true superfood.

Baking with matcha powder

Using matcha powder doesn't just have to be drunk. You can also bake things with matcha powder. On there are many great recipes you can make with matcha. Think of baking with matcha powder as a matcha cake, matcha pancakes or matcha macaroons.

Buy matcha powder

One matcha is just not equal to another. Good quality matcha powder has the following characteristics:

- It comes from Japan.
- Its colour is bright green.
- It does not feel granular, but like a soft powder.
- It tastes Umami; i.e. sweet, sour and slightly savoury.
- The price is a bit higher, starting from the 25 euros for 30 grams.

Now you know what to look out for if you want to buy good quality Matcha powder.

Buy Matcha powder

You can buy good quality matcha powder on We have three types of matcha.

Organic Japan Matcha Nishio

This is a beautiful matcha variety that comes from the Nishio region. It is known as Japan's regional leader in producing Matcha teas.

Organic Japan Shichi Nana

This matcha variety also comes from the same popular region in Japan. This bright green matcha is made from the finest leaves of the Tencha tea plant. This tea has a unique flavour similar to seaweed and fresh wheatgrass. The flavour has a mild, creamy and sweet character.

Ceremonial Organic Matcha Tencha Nishio

This is a true ceremonial Japanese matcha. This matcha is made from the youngest leaves of the Tencha tea plant. These young leaves are packed with antioxidants, caffeine and vitamins. Ideal for starting your day. This matcha has a stronger umami flavour than the Organic Japan Matcha Nishio and is purer in terms of ingredients.

Matcha latte powder

There are companies that offer matcha latte powder online. This matcha latte powder mainly contains matcha, honey powder and milk powder We recommend you just make your own latte with matcha powder. This is because this is much healthier because of the nutrients that are retained and is also tastier because of the retention of the pure flavour of matcha.

How to make a matcha latte?

1. Heat water in the kettle until it reaches 70 degrees. Don't have a kettle that allows you to control the temperature? Then boil the water and let it cool for about 5 minutes.
2. Pour 150 millilitres of milk into a milk frother and froth the milk.
3. Using a matcha spoon, scoop two scoops of matcha into a matcha bowl and add a splash of water until the bowl is 1/5th full of water.
4. Whisk the water and matcha with a matcha whisk. While whisking, make M and W movements until a nice layer of foam appears.
5. Pour the whisked matcha into a glass and pour in the frothed milk.
6. Stir well et voilà! Your matcha latte is ready.

It is also possible to make a cold matcha latte. In that case, instead of hot milk, pour cold milk into a glass and add ice cubes.

You can buy good quality matcha at Ordering is quick and easy, if you order before 18:00 you will receive it the next day.