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Are you also such a fan of matcha tea, and would like to prepare it the traditional way? Then a matcha spoon cannot be missing from your collection of matcha accessories. Indeed, for making matcha tea, a matcha spoon is a must have.

Chashaku matcha

The Japanese name for a matcha spoon is a Chashaku. The traditional Chashaku is made of bamboo in Japan. Our matcha spoons, like the Chashaku from Japan, are also made of bamboo. In fact, they are cut from bamboo by hand using traditional methods, then steamed and bent into the right shape. Thanks to this process, each spoon has its own unique shape and appearance. No one is exactly the same!

Bamboo matcha spoon

A bamboo matcha spoon is not only pleasing to the eye but also has a function. After all, with a matcha spoon you grab just the right amount of matcha for a cup of matcha tea. So the spoon is a handy tool and very user-friendly. For one cup of matcha, you use two grams of matcha. This amounts to two scoops with a matcha spoon.

Matcha spoon and durability

As mentioned earlier, a matcha spoon is made of bamboo. Bamboo is very durable material, as it is a natural product. In addition, bamboo is super strong. A matcha spoon therefore has a very long lifespan. So you will enjoy it for a long time! 

Buy a matcha spoon

We sell two types of matcha spoons. The Bamboo Matcha spoon and the Luxury bamboo Matcha spoon. Both spoons are handmade and of strong and good quality. The difference between the two is that the Luxe bamboo Matcha spoon has a luxurious and natural look. Thereby, the quality of the bamboo is even higher.

In short, are you looking for the perfect way to serve your matcha tea the traditional way? Then a matcha spoon should not be missing from your matcha collection. Our matcha spoons are high quality and are the perfect gift for anyone who loves matcha tea.

Take care when washing up, though. You have to wash your matcha spoon by hand because it is not dishwasher safe. This is because the hot water and power of the dishwasher can damage the bamboo spoon. And on the other hand, it does have its charm to take a break after the ritual of brewing your tea and wash your delicate items by hand.

Can't wait to start making matcha tea? Then we have good news for you! If you order before 6pm, you'll have your matcha spoon delivered the very next day!