About us

We grew up between tea leaves, tested tea in the kitchen with our father and thought that tea in other people's bags was disgusting. We grew up with the stories of the tea plantations and were spoiled starting from an early age with special and beautiful teas. As a result, we not only have a natural passion and enthusiasm for tea, but also a wealth of knowledge! Knowledge about real tea, different cultures and we have built up a very warm network in the tea world.

In addition to various businesses in the tea industry, we were missing a place that makes matcha and Japanese teas accessible. And so we started matcha.nl, from a passion for this unique and beautiful product. Japanese tea is special, it tastes fantastic and can be incredibly healthy. What's not to love! But it can also be a challenge, because how do you make good matcha? And what kind of matcha suits you best? Are you looking for a Japanese tea with matcha and soft citrus notes or do you prefer a sweeter matcha? At matcha.nl we have it all and we also explain how to make the best matcha tea!

matcha.nl is part of Tastea B.V.


About Us