Basic Matcha Set Black Bamboo Medium

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A handy beginner matcha set. Includes a bamboo matcha whisk Oki, bamboo matcha spoon and a green matcha whisk holder.
Materiaal Black bamboo

Elegant, delicate and refined. Words that are each linked to preparing matchaWith this handy, specially assembled beginner matcha set, you have everything you need to make the tastiest cups of matcha and matcha lattes. You can store this set in the included linen storage bag.

Basic Matcha Set Black Bamboo Medium

  • Black Bamboo Matcha Whisk Oki: Experience the traditional way of whipping matcha and do it just like the real tea masters in Japan do. With this luxurious Matcha beater, also called Chasen (茶筅), you will get the perfect matcha foam. This whisk has 130 bristles.
  • Black Bamboo Matcha Spoon: The true tea masters from Japan prepare their matcha with a special matcha spoon, also called the chashaku (茶杓). With this, tea masters dose their matcha to perfection, from which the very best matcha ultimately emerges.
  • Green Matcha Whisk Holder: The Matcha whisk holder is an important part in storing your whisk. Because that beautiful matcha beater deserves a beautiful holder too, right? And you just can't get enough of matcha green? Then this green porcelain holder is the perfect match for your kitchen countertop! And be honest, the holder alone is a feast for the eyes.

Note! These products should be washed by hand and are not suitable for the dishwasher. 

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