Matcha Set Black & Blue

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This matcha set has all the essentials for the perfect cup of matcha. A beautiful, dark blue matcha bowl, our intermediate matcha, Black Bamboo Matcha Whisk Oki and Black Bamboo Matcha spoon.
Inhoud 30 gram
Trektijd 2 -3 minuten
Water temperatuur 70º a 75º graden
Gram per servering 2 tot 2,5 gram
Water hoeveelheid 300 milliliter

The perfect cup of matcha starts with the right accessories. In this matcha set, you'll find everything you need to take your matcha game to the next level. You can store this set in the included linen storage bag.

Matcha set Black & Blue

  • Matcha bowl dark blue: This beautiful Matcha bowl has a particularly full and deep dark blue colour and is indispensable in your collection. The unique and luxurious look of this bowl makes for a rare piece of pottery! And did you know that it is handmade? This makes your bowl always unique! The capacity of this bowl is 450 ml.
  • Black Bamboo Matcha Whisk Oki: The Matcha beater is an essential part of your matcha ritual. This whisk has 130 bristles, whose unique shape creates a fine light green foam on your delicious bowl of matcha. Because the more brush hairs, the frothier your matcha tea becomes. This whisk is made of black bamboo.
  • Black Bamboo Matcha Spoon: The spoon is made of high-quality material, namely bamboo! This spoon allows you to dose your bright green matcha to perfection, making your cup of matcha tea that little bit tastier! This spoon is made of black bamboo.
  • Intermediate Matcha: For this bright green matcha, the most beautiful and greenest leaves of the Tencha tea variety are picked, steamed and pulverised in a large granite mill. When this tea is properly prepared, the delicate flavours of green grass, seaweed and fresh wheatgrass emerge. The tea has a soft, creamy and sweet character.

Attention! The accessories in this set should be washed by hand and are not suitable for the dishwasher.

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