Japanese Matcha Superior Yuzu tea

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A high-quality Japanese tea enriched with matcha and the yuzu fruit. The creaminess of the green Japanese tea and the freshness of the yuzu fruit is a perfect combination!
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Inhoud 50 gram
Trektijd 2 -3 minuten
Water temperatuur 70º a 75º graden
Gram per servering 2 tot 2,5 gram
Water hoeveelheid 300 milliliter

A special green blend of the most beautiful Japanese teas and a little vitamin C and antioxidant bomb, the yuzu fruit! This tea consists of very high quality Gyokuro and matcha with pieces of yuzu and a natural yuzu oil.

What is a yuzu fruit? Yuzu, the Citrus Junos, is a hybrid of the well-known citrus fruits lemon, lime and mandarin. This small, wrinkly yellow fruit does not look very pretty... but looks may be deceiving! The irregular, puckered skin contains an incredibly rich aroma and the fruit is full of large seeds. Therefore, the yuzu fruit, just like a lemon or lime, is not eaten "plain" as easily as you would eat a tangerine.

This small and slightly crazy fruit originally comes from China and arrived in Japan during the Asuka period, the period from about the year 538 to the year 710. Nowadays, the yuzu fruit only grows in a few places in the world. This makes it a rare and precious fruit! A kilo of yuzu fruit currently costs more than € 100.

Yuzu is widely used in the kitchens of real gourmets! The chefs of the most luxurious restaurants like to use the juice of this posh fruit in their dishes.

This tea can be prepared in various ways. Prepare the tea in the classic way, with low mineral content water at 70ºC to a maximum of 75ºC, 2 grams of tea per cup and 10 grams per litre, and let it infuse for 2 to a maximum of 3 minutes. The best way is to prepare the tea in a glass teapot. Look closely at your pot and see how those beautiful leaves unfold. After it is well infused, run it through a tea strainer into a glass. You are left with a beautiful, bright green cup of tea with the cloudy look of the matcha dancing through the glass.

Going traditional Japanese? Then weigh out 2 grams of tea, use 100 millilitres of low mineral content water of 70ºC to 75ºC maximum and froth it with the chasen (matcha whisk). Not a fan of tea leaves between your teeth? Then run the tea through a tea strainer into a glass!

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