Summer Body Matcha tea

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Green tea and matcha are particularly tasty and healthy. This Summer Body Matcha tea can contribute immensely to achieving a healthy body and mind!
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Inhoud 50 grams
Trektijd 2 -3 minutes
Water temperatuur 75 ºC
Gram per servering 2,5 grams
Water hoeveelheid 300 milliliter

Matcha is a Japanese tea that is incredibly rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, catechins (a specific group of antioxidants and polyphynols found in tea), green tea extract (EGCG), minerals and vitamins. This bright green powder tea is a bomb of positive energy for your body! There are multiple studies available showing that EGCG (the green tea extract) combined with caffeine, which is naturally present in tea, can have a major impact on your metabolism!

The tea also contains many different superfoods, such as spirulina, which is packed with amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals and is rich in natural protein. Guarana is a delicious caffeine bomb to give you extra energy, chilli peppers give it a nice kick and ginger and ginseng give it a nice spicy flavour and positive effect on the immune system.

Matcha Summer Body is best enjoyed three times a day. 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and towards the end of the afternoon. A big cup to start your day and your internal engine, one to keep your energy up and one to keep your metabolism up. Our advice is not to drink the tea before going to bed, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine! Rest is extremely important for your body and mind and without proper sleep you cannot properly process your day mentally and physically.

The taste of this power tea is distinctly green with the well-known mild taste of Japanese tea. The tea is not bitter and has refreshing citrus notes due to the orange. In the aftertaste, you can taste the chilli and ginger.

The pack contains 50 grams of Matcha Summer Body tea.


Green tea China Sencha, ginger, cinnamon, orange, white tea Pai Mu Tan, cardamom, spirulina, guarana, Japanese matcha, chilli and ginseng.

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