Strong Matcha Chai

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Enjoy the delicious taste of Chai spices and the smoothness of matcha and green tea China Sencha with this Strong Matcha Chai blend.
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Inhoud 100 grams
Trektijd 2 -3 minutes
Water temperatuur 75 ºC
Gram per servering 2,5 grams
Water hoeveelheid 300 milliliter

A tea experience that is both invigorating and comforting. This blend of mild green tea and matcha gains strength from spicy traditional Chai spices such as aniseed, cloves and cinnamon.

Whether you start your day with a cup of Strong Matcha Chai or are looking for a moment of calm, this tea blend is ready to give you a boost in energy through the freshness of green tea, while at the same time the spicy Chai spices feel like a warm embrace.

The ingredients in this Chai blend are high-quality and all have their own influence on the taste of your cup of tea. Cinnamon for warmth and comfort, while cardamom gives off an almost minty flavour. A contrast enhanced by the earthy flavour of turmeric, ginger and fennel.

The pack contains 100 grams of Strong Matcha Chai tea.


Green tea China Sencha, ginger, cinnamon sticks, aniseed, fennel, Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric, matcha (5%), cardamom, cloves, cardamom powder.

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