Exceptional Matcha

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Japanese matcha from southeastern Japan. For the matcha drinker who strives for perfection in every cup.
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Inhoud 30 grams
Trektijd 3 minutes
Water temperatuur 70 ºC
Gram per servering 2 grams
Water hoeveelheid 150 mililiters

Perfection in a cup is what you get when you choose this Exceptional Matcha, grown in the southern regions of Japan. These regions, or provinces, are known for growing the Tencha tea plant, whose youngest leaves from cultivation provide matcha of the highest quality. Soft and sweet in flavour, but with the recognisable and earthy umami undertones.

In Japan, drinking matcha is considered a ritual where only matcha of the highest quality should be drunk. A ceremonial grade matcha can be recognised by the bright green colour and fine texture of the powder. The precision of cultivation for this branch of matcha makes it a sought-after but scarce product.

This matcha powder is perfect for pure enjoyment.

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