Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chisai

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A special long matcha whisk for perfect preparation of your matcha!
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For the perfect matcha foam, use a matcha whisk, also known as Chasen (茶筅). A tool that is still sometimes underestimated while making matcha. When using a whisk, for instance, the matcha will not mix well with the water, causing lumps and little foam.

With its longer handle, this bamboo matcha whisk fits better in your hand than its shorter relative, making it deliciously and easily whisk the matcha.

Ready to make real matcha? This beater has 70 bristles, whose unique shape creates a fine light green foam on your delicious bowl of matcha.

With this matcha whisk, you will imagine yourself in a real Japanese tea ceremony, after the very first sip!

Caution! This product must be washed by hand and is not suitable for the dishwasher.

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