Having the right accessories is almost as important when making Matcha as the quality of the tea you use. This is how the Matcha becomes the tastiest.

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Having the right accessories when making Matcha is almost as important as the quality of the tea you use. Think about the spoon, the whisk and the bowl in which you prepare the tea. For the best experience of Matcha, we recommend using these accessories. This way your Matcha will be the very best it can be.


The Chasen, also known as the Matcha whisk, is specially designed to whip up your drink in the best way possible, so that you get that perfect layer of foam. Depending on the number of “bristles” the whisk has, the foam becomes thicker. The more bristles the whisk has, the frothier the end result will be when you whisk your Matcha in a W or M motion.


The Chashaku is the small spoon used to scoop the Matcha from the container. It is often made of bamboo and its special shape allows you to measure the perfect amount of Matcha. An accessory that cannot be missed in your collection.


The bowl from which you drink the Matcha is called a Chawan in Japanese. They are often made of porcelain and the shape gives a whole new experience to drinking tea. In addition, the bowl helps when whipping your Matcha because it gives you enough space to move the whisk in the right way.


This cone-shaped accessory is the perfect tool to keep your standard Matcha whisk in perfect condition. The cone shape keeps the bristles in the best shape while drying.