Japanese Matcha Box

Japanese Matcha Box

Japanese Matcha Box

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Are you a fan of a healthy lifestyle and do you want to enjoy a super healthy energy boost full of antioxidants? Search no more because we found your perfect match(a)!

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Move over coffee! You’ve been replaced by matcha’s natural energy boost. Matcha contains an incredible amount of healthy minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, the green tea can help speed up your metabolism, which is good news for your favorite skinny jeans!

Our organically grown matcha from Japan has the highest quality and we can prove it! Matcha’s super bright green color can tell you a lot about the quality. When it comes to matcha; the brighter the better!

The Japanese Matcha Box contains everything you need to prepare matcha the traditional way. This may require a bit more TLC, but the result is worth it! So bring a bit of Japan into your kitchen, because that’s a lifestyle we can take an example from!

In our beautifully packed tastea giftbox you’ll find:

  • Japanese Matcha
  • Handmade matcha bowl
  • Bamboo matcha whisk
  • Holder for your bamboo matcha whisk


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