Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Luxury Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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The essential accessory to make the most delicious matcha: the beater or whisk, also known as the chasen (茶 筅).

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The essential accessory to make the most delicious matcha: the beater or whisk, also known as the chasen (茶 筅). With this whisk of luxurious black bamboo you can whisk the matcha fine and make a nice foamy layer. Tasty!

  • Authentic Japanese chasen as traditionally used
  • Cut by hand from one black bamboo stem for a luxurious look
  • Contains forty brushes to whisk the matcha extra thick and creamy
  • Including handy stand of beautiful black bamboo
  • Perfect and indispensable for both novice and advanced matcha drinkers!

Due to the small number of brushes, this whisk is sturdy and ideal for making a creamy and thicker matcha, also known as koicha (濃茶). To top it off, there is also a bamboo stand where you can rest the whisk on to display it stylishly or let it dry after use.

Why a matcha whisk?

Since the introduction of matcha, the whisk or chasen has been an essential part of the traditional tea ceremony in Japan. Such an ancient tradition is not kept alive for no good reason. A whisk of bamboo gives the matcha a wonderfully woolly and foamy texture. The same effect can hardly be achieved with, for example, an (electric) whisk or milk frother. It is also not recommended to let the matcha come into contact with metal, as this can affect the taste.

This is how you use the matcha whisk

Move the whisk through the bowl in an M or W motion. Keep whisking until you see bubbles forming in the matcha and a foam layer forms. You can whisk the matcha as fine as you like: nice and creamy or slightly creamy.

After use, rinse the whisk with soft running lukewarm or warm water so that the remaining matcha powder does not remain on the brushes. You can also put warm water in a bowl and 'whisk' the whisk in it. Gently pat the whisk dry with a cloth, then air dry the whisk by placing it on the supplied bamboo stand with the brushes facing up.


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